Monday, March 16, 2009

Merry Easter

Solid Chocolate Pixie Bunnies
Every year businesses try to beat the competition by offering seasonal items earlier and earlier. Any New Englander who has ever tried finding a swimsuit in July can attest to this fact as they maneuvered through the Halloween costumes to the summer clearance rack.

We’ve been eating Easter candy since early January. We’re a marketer’s dream being sucked into the vortex of brightly colored packaging during this gray season. I think subconsciously we believe this ritual will hasten spring, only to discover that Mother Nature isn’t a retailer.

When the Easter holiday finally rolls around, we’re challenged with finding candy that hasn’t been a regular pantry item. Thankfully shops like Van Otis Chocolates offer unique homemade creations that allow us to step outside of the familiar retail landscape and find something special.

Swiss Fudge-Filled Eggs