Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of the World

December 2012 marks the conclusion of a b'ak'tun - a time period in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar which was used in Central America prior to the arrival of Europeans. Some interpretations suggest that the 2012 date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe.

Are you preparing for major devastation on December 21, 2012? If so, you may want to inventory the supplies in your Y2K bunker.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the jokes contrived from this concept. I especially like the irony that Dick Clark passed away during the year without need for a Rockin’ New Year's Celebration.

I know it’s not nice to make fun of people’s beliefs, but I figure this is a safe one. If I’m wrong, there won’t be anyone left to point a finger and say they told me so.

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Actually, with all that Van Otis has to offer and only seven months left, you’d better hurry!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother-in-Law's Day

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful mother, but this Mother’s Day blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law (MIL). She deserves all the love, happiness, and yummy goodness available at Van Otis Chocolates. VO Chocolate Covered Creams will be the perfect gift this year!

My MIL is fabulous and best of all, she’s funny. She’s rarely intentionally funny, but she can laugh at herself along with the rest of us. She’s entertained us so much over the years that I began to keep a journal of things she and my father-in-law have said that we want to remember.

Here are a few stories involving my MIL. Our Mother’s Day celebration is guaranteed to be filled with lots of laughter and likely, some new stories for the book.

Before heading to the prom, my MIL wanted to tell her daughter to be good and have a good time. Her parting words to daughter and date were, “Be a good time!”

In response to a text about my son’s game schedule change, my MIL replies “G7”. She calls not long afterward. Giggling, she says, “I meant to text G8 for great.” I point out that G8 would actually read “gate”.

Upon leaving the movie theater, my MIL says, “That was a good movie, except there was an awful lot of fighting in it.” She had just seen The Fighter.

My son said to me, “I wish you’d have another baby. I want a little brother.” My MIL responded, “No, you don’t. Soon you’ll be driving, and you wouldn’t want to have Joe Jr. tagging along.” My husband (whose name is not Joe) said, “Ma, who’s Joe Sr.?”

In his heavy New England accent, my dad was talking about a former, local ice cream stand called Averills. My MIL, sitting at the opposite end of the dining room table, said, “Who would name an ice cream stand A-holes?”

Happy Mother’s Day!