Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Cards

I have done fairly well with my holiday shopping. I made a list, purchased early and online, and wrapped as I bought. I can proudly (and obnoxiously) announce that I’m nearly done. My remaining list consists of those hard-to-buy-for folks with no corresponding gift ideas.

You know the type. When you ask for gift suggestions, they reply with something like, “You don’t need to buy me a gift,” or, “Surprise me.” I’m really tempted to do just that. “Surprise! I hope you love this toilet plunger!” That might inspire more detailed answers next year.

Since the holidays aren’t about expressing sarcasm (out loud), I haven’t bought any plungers. Instead, I have decided to give the pleasant surprise of Van Otis gift cards. Van Otis gift cards are one-size-fits-all. There are so many treat options including caramels, Swiss Fudge, truffles, cashews, and popcorn, to name just a few. My gift card recipients will definitely find something that they like.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Corporate Gifting

Several years ago, I wrote a blog about my job responsibility of employee recognition. Along with this task, I was also responsible for finding the perfect holiday gift to recognize our customers and thank them for our business partnership.

I really enjoyed this part of my job but was surprised each year by the difficulty of the task. I am a highly skilled shopper with YEARS of training – just ask my husband. So finding something that expressed appreciation AND would be valued by the recipient should have been a piece of cake piece of chocolate.

The difficulty was finding a gift that contained a quality product, looked festive, and could be enjoyed by many staff members, rather than a single business contact.

Van Otis offers several corporate gift options in their gift guide that will relay your company’s sincere appreciation. Each option contains handcrafted confections and/or Van Otis’ cashews and popcorn, wrapped in elegant and festive packaging. You can check out your options at or stop by the retail shop in Manchester to place an order.