Friday, March 19, 2010

Hop Out of Bed! It's Easter!

As chief assistant to all of our mystical, holiday visitors, I’m challenged by the late shift. Why can’t Santa Claus, Cupid, and the Easter Bunny come during normal business hours? I’ve had to make several excuses on behalf of the Tooth Fairy, who hasn’t always fulfilled her duty. It’s simply embarrassing - for her.

Having admitted to my need for sleep, I also have to admit that I love surprises. It gives me great joy to give my children something unique and pleasing to the eye. I appreciate what Van Otis has to offer this Easter season including fudge-filled eggs, Pixie Bunnies, chocolate-dipped Peeps, Gummie Bunnies, and jelly beans. They will also help you assemble a basket with sweets and stuffed animals found right in their retail store.

To make that Easter basket extra fun to find, add a game to your traditions. When your children get up on Easter morning, give them a plastic egg with a clue inside. This should lead them to another plastic egg and clue, leading them to another, and so on, until finally leading them to their basket. Use up to about a dozen eggs per child.

They’ll have so much fun that they’ll almost be disappointed when they get to the basket at the end, until they see it’s filled with treats from Van Otis.