Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Recognition

In one of my former corporate roles, I was responsible for employee recognition programs. This might sound like a very fulfilling job function. Honestly, all it did was add another layer of cynical to my already well-developed attribute of cynicism.

Think about how difficult it is to find the right gift for someone. Then, imagine what it’s like to find a gift for 200 to 2,000 people that not only expresses gratitude, but is additionally motivating.

Watches offend the chronomentrophobics. Turkeys offend the carnophobics. Gift cards offend the decidophobics. After a while, I believed that distributing a check for one million dollars to each employee would result in at least one worker’s comp claim for a paper cut.

Then one day, this cynic gifted with chocolate. Every employee received chocolate with a note of appreciation mailed directly to their home address. I sat by the phone the next day waiting for an employee to call and rant about his Save the Cocoa Bean Campaign.

As expected I did receive phone calls, but surprisingly, they were of gratitude. The chocolate provided immediate gratification. It was shared and appreciated by family members. It was a treat and surprise at the end of a long work day. Chocolate.

I empathize with those of you who are in the thankless position of distributing thank you’s. Call Sara at Van Otis (800) 826-6847; she might even send you a sample. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confection Education
Van Otis Sweet Spot Now Open

Van Otis retail patrons can finally have the question answered, “How DO they do it?” The Sweet Spot, adjacent to the Manchester, NH candy shop, is now open to complete the sensory experience at Van Otis Chocolates.

The former Van Otis Café space located at 341 Elm Street has been transformed to share a glimpse into our handmade candy making process. See the fresh ingredients that go into every Van Otis product. Smell the confection combination that makes every product a one-of-a-kind. Taste a sample prepared in front of you by our confectioners.

This interactive setting is great for inquiring kids and adults alike! The Sweet Spot also offers a leisurely seating area and coffee station.

Stop into the Sweet Spot today and see for yourself why Van Otis was voted as New Hampshire’s Best for the eighth year in a row.