Sunday, March 31, 2013


Several years ago, I admitted to the delinquent nature of our household’s mystical creatures in a blog titled Hop Out of Bed – It’s Easter! You would think that a public admission would have sparked improvement. Alas, it has not.

Part of the difficulty is that some holidays have incredibly erratic schedules. The Easter bunny gets super confused every spring. He can't even count on Easter falling in the same month every year. And the tooth fairy? Well, let’s just say she doesn’t come around here anymore.

This year, Easter is on March 31. That’s less than two weeks away!

Thankfully, Van Otis is a great holiday assistant. They offer traditional bunnies, pixie bunnies, and fudge-filled eggs in a variety of flavors including nutty peanut butter, peanut butter meltaway, caramel marshmallow, vanilla cream, coconut cream, and vanilla butter cream. Most are available in milk or dark chocolate, and all live up to Van Otis’ handmade confection perfection.

As with any seasonal Van Otis product, these are available for a limited time. So stop into Van Otis’ retail store at 341 Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire and stock up!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Change

It’s that time of year again – set your clocks ahead by one hour or “spring ahead”, which is a cheerful way of saying you just lost an hour of time.

Twice a year I roam about my house thinking, why does a chronically late family have so many clocks?

Our lack of punctuality could be blamed on the inconsistent settings. It’s not uncommon to see digital displays of 10:08, 10:12, and 10:13 all within a two-foot radius.

Twice a year we have the opportunity to synchronize our clock plethora, but twice a year we simply press the hour button until we've advanced or gone back an hour. As a result, each room in the house has its own time zone.

At Van Otis’ retail store on Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire, you’ll find handmade confections that will put a spring in your step. Check out their website ( and Facebook page ( to see the latest seasonal options before it’s too late!