Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do You Have to Sneeze or Are You Doing Your Laundry

I had two important goals as a young girl. I was going to be either one of Charlie’s Angels or Bewitched’s Samantha Stephens. I spent hours working on my silhouetted angels’ pose and my nose twitch. I’m still pretty good at both, if I do say so myself.

Imagine being Samantha Stephens. Your housework, cooking, and childcare all done at the expense of a little nasal irritation. Sure, your mother and neighbors are a little annoying, but whose aren’t? Top that off with the fact that you get to change husbands without a messy divorce proceeding. As long as you keep calling him Darrin, no one will even notice!

Bring out your inner Samantha at the Witchy Women’s Celebration at
Van Otis Chocolates’ Elm Street, Manchester retail store on October 22 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Costumes aren’t required to attend the event, but there will be a $50 prize awarded for the best costume. There will also be wine tasting hosted by Zorvino Vineyards, chocolate fountains, giveaways, and raffles. Kids’ games will also be available because unlike Samantha, we can’t all leave our Tabithas unattended upstairs.

Sew Scary

Having been raised in a household of creatively-minded people, Halloween has always been a holiday of expression, from the pumpkin carving to the costumes. My sister and I had some enviable and memorable costumes over the years. Our mother, the seamstress, put all store-bought, nylon and plastic apparel to shame.

My love of a good disguise has been passed down to my daughter. She and her close friend spend most of their trick-or-treating time discussing their costumes for the following year. This gives them a mere 364 days to prepare.

Last year, her old lady costume was complete with a walker and crocheted handbag. She insisted on walking like an elderly person with aforementioned walker which made for slow trick-or-treating. She also carried hard candy and distributed a piece at every household we visited. I put my foot down when she asked to put moth balls in her pockets.

This year it’s all about simplification. The girls are going to be mimes, primarily so that they can write “Trick-or-Treat” on a sign and won’t have to talk. I guess last year’s costume really tired them out.

The real treats can be found at Van Otis Chocolates’ Elm Street, Manchester retail store and online at www.vanotis.com. They carry decadent seasonal items such as pumpkin spice malt balls, pumpkin pie creams, pumpkin fudge, peanut brittle, chocolate Halloween-themed molds, chocolate Halloween-themed pops, and chocolate/caramel dipped apples. Happy Halloween!

May I See Your ID?

I have never understood the concept of lying about your age by decreasing the number. At age 40, I’m no stranger to sun damage, body by child birth, and the occasional gray hair. (Yes, I did lie about occasional.) No one is going to look at me without thinking I’ve had a rough 20 years. I have been known to lie about my age by adding 10 to 20 years. Think about it. Not only are seniors revered for their wisdom and experience, but I also think I make a pretty good looking 60-year old. Now there’s even more incentive to proudly admit your true advancing age. Seniors aged 55-74 - really aged 55-74 and older, not people like me - are being celebrated at Van Otis Chocolates’ Elm Street, Manchester retail store on October 7th and 8th with a 15% discount on most items with proof of age. Seventy-five-year olds or older are eligible for “buy one get one free” with proof of age. Also factory tours are only $5 and are open to ONLY seniors. For more information, call 603.627.1611