Monday, January 3, 2011


My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to eat more of Van Otis’s milk or dark chocolate coconut, espresso, maple walnut, and raspberry creams, milk chocolate peanut butter truffles, Swiss fudge, hard candies, and gummie bears. I know you’ve come to expect witty humor at the beginning of my blogs, but this is no joke.

My 13-year old and I were discussing New Year’s resolutions. He asked why people make commitments only once a year and then fail at fulfilling them.

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.” - Author Unknown

After gaining some time to ponder this by saying, “Go ask your father,” I realized that we tend to chose resolutions of abstinence. I will go without, I will have less, I will no longer.

In an effort to improve my health in 2011 and make it an attainable goal, I’ve decided to refocus on what I can and will eat, rather than on what I’ll do without.

Van Otis offers numerous products that are sugar-free, including the list above. Their sugar-free treats are all the things you’d expect from a creamy, crunchy, sweet, tasty confection, and they’re a perfect “can have” for any reduced-calorie plan.

Happy New Rears!

A week ago, I actually caught myself strategically thinking, “If I eat this entire tin of Christmas cookies now, they’ll no longer be a temptation.” I’m one smart cookie. Pun intended.

Many of us go from overeating during the holidays to extreme dieting beginning in early January. During the month of December, you couldn’t find an empty spot in the workplace refrigerator without shoving aside a tray of finger rolls. Now the lunch room is full of yogurt, tossed salads, and a lot of commiserating coworkers.

Healthy people know that bouncing from one extreme to the other is no way to maintain consistent health and weight. It’s important to find satisfying treats that will stave off the need to go overboard.

Van Otis Chocolates offers an all natural line of gourmet chocolate bars including milk, Cambra dark (72% cocoa), white, blueberry dark, blueberry milk, cranberry almond milk, cranberry almond dark, hazelnut milk, and hazelnut dark. I can attest that the blueberry milk chocolate bar is delicious and since it’s all natural, it doesn’t have the acidic bite that blueberry-flavored foods tend to have.

The all natural trail mix bark in milk or dark chocolate, all natural bark in milk or dark chocolate, milk chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, and mixed nuts or unsalted cashews are other wonderfully satisfying choices.